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Nail art with bite. 3 Steps to Perfect Freehand Lines in Your Nail Art. This post is a sponsored collaboration with Semilac UK Straight, freehanded lines in your nail art can be tricky to master but when you have. A couple of months ago, I got acrylic nails for the first time and was surprised by how much I truly, deeply loved them. But in the back of my mind, I was worried about the removal process. It. Ejiubas Stamping Plates Christmas Nail Stamping Kits Halloween & Christmas Image Nail Art Plates Manicure Tools Double-sided 2 Counts 4 Sides EJB-03&04. Nails inspired by the women of X-Men. Today is #NationalComicBookDay. Akanerd celebration day ) I painted the women of X-Men - Rogue, Jean Grey, and Storm - using acrylic paint. Dear Readers, Thank you for reading my blog all this year, and since it’s Christmas (shopping time), i decided to start a contest. Simply buy at least 1 product from amazon from banner below, and you can win an amazon voucher of 50. Mothers Day Gifts - Stocking stuffers for Women - New8Beauty Premium Nail Art Accessory that is great for Professional Nail Specialist, Nail Art Learner, Nail Art Lovers, Nail Academy, etc. When I was coming up with cheap homemade art for the wall for our bathroom makeover, I had a few false starts. First I tried painting watercolor peacock feathers, but they look like my 6 year old made them. Then I tried paintings of geodes using acrylic paint, but they looked cheap and fake. Finally. Editor’s Note Nail polish can be a sticky business! There is nothing worse than pulling out your favourite polish only to find that the formula has thickened or worse, the lid is completely stuck to the bottle. Just like other beauty products, nail polish requires a specific storage method to. The first manicure I tried today was an abysmal failure, so I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration. I've had this adorable apple manicure pinned for a while, thinking I'd hang onto it for sometime in autumn, but then I found out this morning out that today, March 11, is apparently Johnny Appleseed Day! Even better, I then found this tutorial from Rebecca Likes Nails, so with design. I still haven’t given up on the idea of finishing the 31 Day Challenge before the end of the year! I’m slowly but surely ticking off the last few days. The next prompt to tick off my list is ‘inspired by a song’ and I took a bit of inspiration from Bring Me The Horizon’s lyric video for.

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