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Miley Cyrus painted her nails in red lacquer for a chic, iconic look. Black nails ideas, Christmas manicure on short nails, Christmas nails, Miley Cyrus nails, New year nails ideas 2017, New Year's nails by a red dress, Ring finger nails, Round nails Total 4 0. Miley Cyrus nails are always hot topic for teens. She wears it with style all the time. Miley is constantly on the news and grabbing the headlines, a lot of people follow and admire her. We did Miley's manicure for her performance & hosting duties & she chose Urban Venus Nail Bar's own line called, "Dancing in the Club", it's a brand new line & not on their website yet. Miley Cyrus Wore Dark Red Nail Polish for Her Winter Wedding to Liam Hemsworth. The burgundy manicure was perfect for a Christmas-week wedding, and her hair and makeup were timeless and simple. Miley was born Destiny Hope Cyrus but legally changed her name when she was 10. She chose the forename Miley because her family nicknamed her "smiley" when she was younger (because she smiled a lot. Miley Cyrus Nails Lynette Cenée Not dismissing any sort of negative/inappropriate behavior Miley Cyrus displays, simply performing a parody and poking fun of all of this media jargon. Practicing for Idol gimme your feed back!!!! Sorry for all the mess ups, so nervous. This is just along the lines of practice. xxoo lemme know your thoughts. March 15, 2019 - miley cyrus nail makover, miley cyrus nail makover free games, miley cyrus nail makover flash games, free flash games, miley cyrus nail makover online games, play miley cyrus nail makover game. It's manicure time at Miley and Lilly's sleepover.

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