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call Centre 0861-4-NAILS 0861-4-62457 WHOLESALE PRICELIST SEPT - DEC 2017 nQ311 cGßRUCC10 OQbbill FORMS NAIL. Pink Armor Nail Gel Review Fake – Suzie who bought Pink Armor Nail Gel complained in her review that it doesn’t have the unique pink tint like the other bottles. It doesn’t dry with a hard shiny gel like finish that you expect. She thinks this product is not what it claims because when she opened the bottle there was a foul chemical odor. 30 Nail Designs That Are So Perfect for Summer. When the weather gets warm, your nail art can get sunnier too. Check out the coolest nail designs for Spring 2018. All of the tutorials are really easy to follow so is suitable diy nail art for beginners, including distressed French tips, rainbow unicorns, peaches n cream, yellow gradient, reverse French manicure and soft leopard print. Choosing to paint your tips in black and white gives the manicure a bit of an edge, and the flowers are just lovely. Zebra style! If you’re looking for a classy manicure but you don’t want to settle for plain French tips, this is the way to go. This beautiful little twist on a French manicure is simply perfect and oh so festive – ideal for the holiday season! Start by working a classic French manicure style on all finger nails except your index fingers, with a pink base and a stark white tip. Explore creative and beautiful nail art & nail designs to inspire your next manicure. Try these fashionable nail ideas and share them with us at #essielove. YUNAI 24 Pcs/set French Nails Nail Art Pre-design Acrylic Fake Nail Classical Full Cover Short White Manicure. Long nails are the Marcia Brady of manicures — they get all the attention and can’t help but show off a little, displaying their intricate designs and shapes all over Instagram and Pinterest. Acrylic nail paints are a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer. So, they coat the nails with hard and durable layer and function to beautify your extended nails and strengthen the nail plates.

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