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Best Nail Polish Colors To Make Short Nails Look Naturally Longer. The most important part of ensuring those nails look great at any length though is taking very good care of your hands and feet. That means a good in-home mani and pedi on a constant basis. Smooth skin and well-shaped nails make a world of difference. Amazon.com short acrylic nails. Makartt 500pcs Natural Color French Acrylic Europe Style False Nails fake Tips 10 Sizes for Nail Salons and DIY Nail Art at home (Natural) 24 Pcs 12 Sizes Solid Color Fake Nails Short Press on Style Black Full Cover Oval Nail Art Tips for Finger … (Black. Amazon.com JINDIN 24 Sheet Short Fake Nails for Girls Solid Color Matte False Nail Tips with Glue Sticker Press On Nails Beauty JINDIN 24 Sheet False Nails with Glue Gel Nail Art Tips Solid Color Acrylic Fake Nails Full Cover Press On Nails for Girls Women $10.00. Silver, Gold, And Nude. This is another example of acrylic nail design using three colors. Paint your nails with glittered gold, silver, and light purple. You can add to the shine with one rhinestone on your thumb fingernail. Animated Short Acrylic Nails. For those who have short nails, a dual color scheme is a perfect strategy to grab attention. More often, girls with shorter nails tend to opt glittery effects, and this adds up the glamorous element. Simple nail art design for short nails can be polka dots, floral prints, and vertical and horizontal strips. Source nailartsfashion.com. For 2018, manicure types in acrylic with four nails in a solid color and one nail in a glitter color is all the rage. Dark chocolate is a neutral shade that goes well with glittery silver. Wear this color combination for casual events as well as for fancy occasions.

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