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All you need to know about ridges in fingernails. The fingernails are made of a protein called keratin, which is also found in the skin and hair. Aging is the most common cause of fingernail ridges. Other conditions can cause symptoms, which appear very similar to ridges. Diagnosing the cause of fingernail ridges is key to discovering what treatment options are best. Above In dynastic China, the upper class people grew long fingernails in order to distinguish themselves from the laborers. Manual labor was virtually impossible with excessively long fingernails, so long nails separated the working class from the aristocracy. This type of fingernail protector or guard ensured their nails would not get damaged. Fingernail Lunula Meaning Crescent white, also known as lunula or little moon, is found at the one fifth position of the fingernail bottom and it looks like a curved white mark. The normal fingernails should be ruddy, restrained, tough, arc-shaped, smooth and glossy with clear lunula which tells whether the person is energetic and healthy. chinese longnails francoise longnails. Loading Unsubscribe from francoise longnails? Mood Zhang's red long nails and ice cream (video 3) - Duration 213. Nailslong 17,875 views. Historically, long fingernails have spoken to social status in many cultures and the need not to toil and labor. In ancient china long nails not only denoted royalty but different colored nails spoke to social status. long 5" chinese fingernail cover multi color glitter butterfly flowers hair clip see more like this Antique Chinese Silver Enamel Fingernail Guard Necklace Turquoise and Onyx Beads $395.00. Local Chinese here from Hong Kong. I'm not sure about the rest of China, but in Hong Kong it's commonly called "Feng Shui nails" () if men have long nails on their little fingers. According to Chinese palm reading, if a man's little finger is longer than the DIP joint of the ring finger, he will have better luck when he's old. Chinese DramasDrama ReviewsMisc. The Legend of Zhen Huan is full of beautiful details, and the fingernail guards are no exception! It is rather hard to find information about Qing Dynasty fashion, but I found a wonderful article which explains the significance of Chinese nail guards in HERE, which I will reference now. Chinese medicine considers that nails have a relationship with different internal organs and channels. If certain internal organs are imbalanced, they will affect the health of certain nails. Nails of the hands. Nails of thumbs Lung and Large Intestine channels and organs. Nails of index finger Large Intestine channel and organ.

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