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By Seventeen Editors. and most unique nail designs your favorite celebs can't stop wearing. Ri's deep green nails add a fun pop of emerald to her all blue-and-diamond outfit. Every year, new nail designs for spring summer fall winter are created and brought to light, but when we see these new nail designs on other girls' hands, we feel like our nail colors is dull and outdated. Usage 1. Self-adhesive, no glue is needed, clean and convenience for use. 2. Palm tree nail art can look cartoonish, but when you use a delicate pastel base color and make your trees a chic shade of purple, they look more sophisticated and fun. See more at Essie » 20 of 30. DIY Nail Art Ideas. Whether you are looking for nail designs to wear out on the town or cute art ideas for a special occasion or holiday, we have the best easy step by step tutorials for an at home manicure that rocks. Learn how to paint your nails like a pro, save money by not going to the salon and get unique nail designs that no one else has. Nail tape can be used effectively to create fantastic designs as well. Available in practically every color imaginable, including holographic designs, these are excellent for creating nail designs. Trim the pieces carefully, press down for complete contact, and use a clear coat afterwards. 27 Lazy Girl Nail Art Ideas That Are Actually Easy No skills needed. Just hands. Chic and fun nail designs aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee it! We’ve searched the Instagram in order to find the best nail designs for everyone’s taste. For the most looks you don’t need any skills, just steady hand. To be on trend, take a look at our list of 80 most gorgeous nail designs created by talented nail artists. 1.

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