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Simple nail designs are so easy to duplicate at home. With the right colors and a few nail tools or everyday household items, you can easily pull off some of the most stylish nail designs! With these easy nail designs , you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Easy nail art designs to do at home are a form of talent and also just like fine art, proceeding off with simple and easy nail designs always keep including facts in the process. Along with types of artwork below given Easy nail art designs to do at home step by step, is at easy and visually satisfying to do. Black & White Borderline Nail Design. Simple bordered nail design never goes astray. Bordered nails will look amazing in any color combo. They look gorgeous in grey and white, pink and white or black and red combo, also. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. BuzzFeed As Is main page Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Nail art does not mean specialist and expensive material to be used for designing. In fact, you can make very nice designs with the help of ordinary gel pens. Easy to use and effective, For making an attractive nail art design, you can use an ordinary gel pen purchased from a regular stationary shop over a base of regular nail polish and sealed. The Simplest And Easiest Nail Designs #1. Simple Nails With Old Hollywood Vibes. #2. Demon Red and Black Nails. #3. Simple Acrylic Design. #4. A Simple Coat For Simple Look. #5. Unique Black Nails. #6. Nude Mania. #7. Fancy Leopard Easy Nail Design. #8. The Three designs Combo. #9. Summer’s. Simple Nail Designs for Beginners. The below design is easy and simple and suitable for Beginners. It is basically double color. For beginners it is hard to maintain nail designs and an a poor or worn out nail designs will take away beauty from women instead of adding. Looking for a lot of Simple Tutorials for nail designs? If you try one of these designs, please share by posting your photo on my Facebook fanpage www.facebook.com. 17 Simple Nail Designs Even a Nail Newbie Can Do Just because you're new to nail art doesn't mean you can't rock decked out digits. We know 3-D nails and freehand masterpieces can look intimidating, but with the right tools and tutorials achieving these on-trend nail looks doesn't have to be hard. Source LifeWorldWomen via Youtube. Apply a base coat. Fix a striping tape at the bottom of your nail. Apply a black coat to the upper part. Remove the tape. Add three different-sized white dots to your design with the help of a dotting tool. Place pastel-shaded dots over the white-based ones. Apply top coat.

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