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Pink and purple blend well together to create a stunning nail art combination. This popular pattern is quick and easy to create. All you need is lavender nail polish, pink nail polish, some silver stripping tape, and a clear top coat. To brighten this color pattern, alternate the colors on each toe nail. Paint on leopard prints in black and white coated flowers on your toenails. The French tipped toenails also sport a pink and black lining. Additional silver sparkles are added for a wonderful effect. Flowers can be easily created with a dotting tool. Nail polishesused for flowers are by China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin, Lotus Begin and At Vase Value. The peachy nude base is by OPI Chilin Like a Villian. Flower hues are by. Find and save ideas about Hawaiian flower nails on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hawaiian nails, Flower toe designs and Tropical flower nails. Simply paint your toenails with an orange nail polish (or any other desired color), let it dry and finish the look by applying few rhinestones on each big toe. There it is, yourglamorous pedicure is ready for some peep toe heels or sandals. All you need for a quick result is the tip of your regular nail polish brushes and a needle. Create the flowers by using the width of your brush to form the petals, and its tip to create the center. Then, dip the needle in nail polish and start adding details tiny dots inside the middle or along the petals should do the trick. Decorate your toenails with this exotic design ) Pink and blue tropical nails decorated with palm tree leaves, golden polish, and beads to add a bit of luxury. Yellows, greens, oranges, purples and reds all in their own unique colour. We really like how they have opted for different colours on both big toes and then topped them off with a nice black and white floral design. If you want to get really creative when it comes to toenail art you can try getting a different cartoon character on each toenail. Gardenias The Gardenia flowers are usually white or pale yellow in color. These flowers are native to the tropical and the subtropical regions of Southern Asia, Africa, and Australia. One of the most popular types amongst the different types of exotic flowers, these are extremely fragrant and beautiful in their appearance.

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