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Solar vs Acrylic Nails. Wondering which one is best? Check out this video to hear from an expert the real truth behind Solar Nails. Solar Nails vs. Acrylic Nails Compare Yourself You will have a better understanding of the similarities and dissimilarities of solar nails and acrylic nails if they are put side by side. Here is a simple comparison table for your convenience. Gel nails are not as dense as acrylic nails. Because of the lower density, gel nails feel more natural. There is a noticeable difference between the “heaviness” of gel vs acrylic nails. Since gel nails are less dense, they are also not as durable as acrylic nails. There are some types of powder gels that resemble acrylic more than gel nails. Solar nails are a very old brand of acrylic nails. So your question really is comparing acrylic and gel nails. Below are some features of both products. Neither one is better than the other. The reason they both exist is because not everyone does. Solar Nails vs. Gel Nails . Solar nails and Gel nails are mainly different in terms of their materials and applying process. One is a mixture of powder and liquid another is semi-liquid. Solar nails get harder by air whereas gel nail needs UV light. There is also a difference in the expenses of these two designs. The 3 groups of acrylic are liquid and powder (l&p) gel, and your resins or fabrics which are used with a resin, activator and fabric (fiberglass, silk, linen) Solar would be under the catagory of l&p look up Creative Nail Design - CND - Professional Nail, Hand and Foot Beauty Products - Artificial Acrylic Nails and Brisa Gel. they name almost. Solar Nails vs Gel Nails. Solar nails and gel nails are both artificial nails. Artificial nails are also referred to as false nails, fake nails, nail enhancements, fashion nails, etc. Artificial nails are actually nail extensions which are used to cover the real nails as fashion accessories, and some look like real nails in appearance while some have designs which make them look not-so-real. GEL-Characteristics are the following- *A substance that comes in semi liquid, sticky GEL form in a small tub like container that is applied to the nail and cured under a light. If you have this product on your nails then you have GEL NAILS!! *Please do not confuse gel nails with acrylic nails with a gel top coat. which nails are better gel nails or solar nails? cuz im going to bvaybrook malls IMAGE NAILS to get my nails done and i want to know which ones are better and which have a better result and last longer and have shine all da time i mean more shine gel or solar and lasting longer please rite answers cuz im getting them done on saturday so hurry please i need ur help. Solar Nails – The Unsettling Truth. Make sure your holding on to something right now because what I am about to tell you most people simply will not believe and would rather stick to the original lie of the Solar Nail being some sort of upgraded version of the acrylic nail.

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