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How to Be Girly 24 Hours Per Day. Tweet. By Lucille Sorella 304 Comments. Wow! Wear women’s clothing on the sly. Sneaking a piece of women’s clothing into your outfit is a great way to feel girly. Be creative with this! A lot of styles can pass for unisex, so try basic tees, button-down shirts, jeans, pants and even suits (very few. there is nothing sexier than wearing some cute feminine sandals, in the mall or at the beach. of course, in the mall, all the young ladies exposing their own toes in pretty sandals, tease me and call me sissy.just makes my erection a little stronger.i only buy girly sandals. at the mall the other day, i could have spent a thousand dollars on gladiator and thong sandals. and since we are. I find that many guys have stronger opinions on this than I do- at least ones I know. When you mention them wearing a skirt, they flip outthere is a strong sense of homophobia I think. But now men have taken style to make a statement and wear girly things to express "Real men wear pink", and become comfortable with their feminine side etc. Is it ok for a guy to wear acrylic nails if he likes them? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Kristin Baker, studied Nail Technician more colorful nails then men. If your job is mashing a phone or an keyboard, nails are often “worked around” so as not to damage the overall look. Which is considered more girly, wearing heels. Many men wear nail polish on their toenails. if you like a man who is masculine, no way. Answer 2 Are you saying a boy with painted nails is necessarily girly? It can be, but even not and even. Nail polish looks phenomenal on men, and I cannot believe more dudes don't wear it. When I think of men wearing heels, I think of Prince. Let's face it, he's smoking hot, and has never been short of female attention, so I don't think the heels have done him any harm. Let's be real, the most acceptable concept of men who wear nail polish is often regulated to musicians. I dare you to ask anyone you know if they're friends with any men who wear nail polish. Perfectly Polished Tips 106 - Men Wearing Polish Goth, Girly, or OK? Personally I don't think it's normal for a guy to wear colored nail polish, I guess I am more traditional in that sense. I suppose a manicure or pedicure with clear polish is okay. I think men should wear their nails polished if they want to. I do. Just a cute story about my male roommate and nail polish and my step dad and brother-in-law flip their shit every time about how "men don't wear girly shit" and "you're making him a sissy." My mom shares my opinion, the kid is 5 and wants his nails done because his little sister gets hers, so why not? but were still using their "fact. 3) it IS directly relevant to your original question, "Why don't men wear nail polish?" The link points to one nail blogger's interview with another, male nail blogger, and it shows that the answer to your question is becoming "Men are not only wearing nail color with increasing frequency, we're even beginning to blog about it.

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