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essie is in the business of taking care of your nails Nail care is the foundation of a perfect manicure. esses expanded mani-care system customizes your nail care with a wide array of products, from priming color correctors to cuticle care and top coats that address nail needs and ensure beautiful results. Bahama Mama Warm, Rich Plum Purple Nail Polish, Nail colour & Nail Lacquer by Essie. Create a beautiful at-home manicure with the warm, deep plum nail colour. I have this same color for Sally Hansen, and it is my fave for this season ) We love this dark cranberry nail for a #winter #wedding. "Bahama Mama" from @Essie. Fall Essie Nail Polish Review ~ Chinchilly and Bahama Mama I've never actually owned any Essie nail polishes before because I tend to bite my nails a lot - a habit I'm trying to break out of! But I've obviously heard a lot of amazing things about Essie from the online beauty community such as bloggers and YouTubers, and so I really wanted to. Bahama Mama is a hair more berry toned though. If I had to choose between the two I would chose Mindy because of the formula. Bahama Mamas formula is not the greatest. Mindy was easy breezy to apply so this is an easy one. Price-wise they are basically both priced the same at $9 for essie and $9.50 for KL Polish USD each. choose from our base coats and apply 1 coat. apply 2 coats of your favorite essie enamel and finish one of our essie top coats. essie pro tip always remember to polish along the tip of the nail with each step. by capping the tip of each nail, the polish can hug our nail even closer, prolonging the wear of your color manicure. Hello Lovelies! Todays post is a short and sweet review of Essies Bahama Mama nail polish. I love the sleek packaging of these polishes, theres just something about them which draws you in when they are displayed in their crisp, white stand in stores.

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